Fractal Forsaken Series

Welcome to the kingdom of Malethya, where schemes abound and morality is an afterthought. Slate Severance is thrust into this world and finds himself lost in a sea of deadly enemies, dangerous friends, and political maneuvering. Read along as he unravels the world around him and searches for a powerful Blood Mage in Severance Lost. Then continue the series from the perspective of the Sicarius Headmaster and try to find a chink in the absolute power of the Blood Mage in Shadow Cursed. The stakes get raised in Remnant Awakens, when the Disenite army arrives to challenge the Blood Mage’s army of Furies. Just when you think you’ve got this fractal-forsaken world figured out, the series will culminate from the perspective of the Blood Mage in Blood Reigns in an all-out explosion of plots and schemes that will leave you questioning everything. Try not to judge the actions of anyone too quickly-it isn’t the Malethyan way and the good guys don’t always wear a cape.

Series Progress
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Severance Lost
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Shadow Cursed
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Remnant Awakens
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Blood Reigns
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